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Cellulite Reduction

Don't let cellulite hold you back!

Cellulite Reduction with ZWave

ZWave is an advanced treatment that delivers high-energy radial shockwaves to the targeted areas. These waves stimulate the breakdown of fat cells, enhance collagen production, and improve blood circulation, resulting in a visible reduction of cellulite and an overall improvement in skin texture.

Treatment Areas

Treatment Areas

ZWave can be used to treat cellulite in various areas of the body, including:

•Upper arms

Meet the industry leader:
Veronica Yada

Meet Veronica, our founder and one of the highest rated CoolSculpting and Body Contouring experts in Colorado!

Veronica's extensive experience and close involvement in CoolSculpting's research and development have empowered over 15,000 individuals to reach their aesthetic goals.

With personalized contouring plans tailored to you, rest assured of safe, consistent, and naturally stunning results. Step into our spa-like sanctuary, where our experienced staff ensures your utmost comfort and relaxation throughout your session.

Embrace the journey to a more confident & empowered you with Inspire Body Contouring!


Treatment Areas

•Non-Invasive: No needles, no incisions, and no anesthesia required.

•Quick Treatments: Sessions typically last 20-30 minutes, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

•No Downtime: Resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

•Visible Results: Many notice improvements after just a few sessions, with optimal results typically seen after 6-10 treatments.

•Comfortable Experience: The procedure is generally well-tolerated with minimal discomfort.

Before and After

Read Our Reviews

Love this place! Found them by their reviews and so happy I stopped by. Friendly staff and incredibly knowledgeable with excellent experience 🙌🙌🙌
Amber BrunickAmber Brunick
23:22 05 Feb 24
I initially went in to help me lose some fat in my midsection. When I went I had tried it all dieting and working out even though I lost some weight I still had stubborn fat in my midsection.After my session I saw such great results that I treated my trouble areas again. Veronica and her team did such a great job and I am very appreciative of my results! I got my confidence back and I am now able to fit back into my favorite clothes.
Jessica VienJessica Vien
03:39 26 Jan 24
I would highly recommend Inspire Body! Veronica and her team have been amazing and always made me feel welcomed and comfortable during procedures. I have been struggling with getting in shape even with working out and Body Sculpting has changed me! I had to do several different sessions but now I have the beautiful hourglass figure I’ve been wanting. The results are not final yet, it will get better! So happy with my decision to do cool sculpting, thank you Inspire!
teena lacyteena lacy
02:52 07 Nov 23
Love the ladies here. So helpful!!
Jessica HanniJessica Hanni
02:38 25 Oct 23
Everyone there is very friendly and good at creating a comfortable environment for a procedure that is inherently somewhat awkward. I had cool sculpting in several areas and had some concern because everything I read online about cool sculpting in general implied you could need several treatments to really see results. However, I am so pleased with my visible results after one round that I don't feel the need to do another round at this time. I've never felt so amazing in a bathing suit before!
Brendan McQuaidBrendan McQuaid
21:55 17 Oct 23
I went in Inspire to explore some body contouring options for my midsection. I was reluctant to go but my wife insisted. After having a consult with Veronica, I decided to take the plunge and do CoolSculpting on my abdomen and love handles. The difference just one treatment made was incredible. I am continuing Veronica's recommendation of several treatments over time and I really think I will have a total midsection transformation as a result. Highly recommend Veronica and her team.
Erica SielerErica Sieler
17:45 02 Aug 23
I took the jump and tried CoolSculpting to help with my stubborn love handles and belly pooch and I am so happy I did! I just hit my 2 months post and I'm shocked by the results. My motivation and confidence has boosted significantly and I could feel my clothes fitting better after the first month. I highly recommend Veronica and her team if you are looking to get CoolSculpting. They are not only friendly, but honest professionals who know how to help you maximize your results.
Nicole HallNicole Hall
19:40 19 Jan 23
I decided to do something for myself and scheduled CoolSculpting here to help get rid of some stubborn fat deposits I had. I really had very little idea what this fully entailed, however Veronica walked me through the process very thoroughly and answered all of my questions very well. She is truly so very knowledgeable! The day of the treatment came and I was welcomed and made to feel so very much at home and comfortable. The entire staff is fantastic and it was really a pleasant experience! The follow ups are awesome as well and they really are truly committed to helping their clients get the most out of the treatment and provide tips and tricks to help however they can. I highly recommend Inspire Body Contouring!
Caroline MyersCaroline Myers
17:43 21 Oct 22
I had been feeling self-conscious about my body and even after strict workout routines and dieting, there were still areas of stubborn fat. Veronica and her team were more than helpful and walked me through the process during my consultation. Veronica and her team are extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable and helped answer all my questions/concerns. The process itself was very easy, and affordable (there are options for financing, which I definitely appreciated). I'm very happy with my results; the stubborn areas look so so much better! I feel much more confident. I highly recommend Inspire and am so grateful for Veronica and her team.
Laura TiptonLaura Tipton
18:34 12 Oct 22
Veronica is amazing! Never having had cool sculpting before, I went in looking for someone who could not only explain the process, but who would be honest, whether it was right for me. Veronica not only explains the process, but also goes over what is best for your individual needs and is honest about the outcome you should see. She is very caring and engaged with your comfort, needs and satisfaction through the whole process. I would highly recommend Inspire Body Contouring to anyone considering cool sculpting!
07:15 19 Sep 22
I had read about cool sculpting treatments and wanted to try it out. I came across Inspire Body Contouring through ads on social media. Being a working professional I am not able to find time to work out a lot. I was looking for a way to lose a few inches without going to a gym. I met Veronica from Inspire Body Contouring and she explained how the cool sculpting process works. Satisfied by the explanation i decided to give it a go. It has been a month since the treatment and i have observed some inch loss and difference in aesthetics. As per my understanding I would see some more changes in next few months. There was some discomfort for 2 weeks after the treatment but I was prepared for it due to my initial consultation. Veronica also provided me tips to keep the discomfort to the minimum. The discomfort did not keep me away from my work.
Holly LawrenceHolly Lawrence
01:28 01 Sep 22
I have always had stubborn areas of fat, especially after loosing weight. I met Veronica and she told me about Cool Sculpting. I treated my stomach and my back - bra area. It will be great not having excess fat around my bra! Veronica Yada is highly experienced and explained the procedure well. I enjoyed chilling out in the room watching TV during the procedure. Results are starting to show only weeks after treatment. I will definitely continue returning to Body Contouring!

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